Aries Horoscope today February 6 2015

Therefore, judging from the condition of your planets, this has to be a most enjoyable and profitable period, though only if you indulge your nostalgia for the past. The mysterious twelfth house of your solar chart is still the focus of attention, and there may be far too much going on behind closed doors for you to feel at ease.

On the other hand, you are quite capable of looking after yourself. Today is a day to press on with important jobs regardless of short-term pressures.

AstroTwins Share Self-Care by the Stars:

Yet again, thanks to new lunar patterns, your stars are vibrant, vivacious and full of life. The Moon is now releasing you from certain of the unsettling domestic tensions which have added complications to your worldly ambitions. In spite of everything, this is a time which you will look back on with pride. Such is your reputation, nobody ever expects you to go on the attack, lay down the law or drive a hard bargain. Yet this is exactly what you will be doing now that Mars, that most belligerent of planets, is arousing your worldly desires and professional ambitions.

Issues around popularity and jealously flare up today people being jealous of you, of course—Aries people are missing the chip that creates jealous feelings toward others , and you'll be challenged to solve some issues concerning your debts, both financial and emotional. You will feel some tension, but you'll overcome a huge challenge today, Aries! You work best under pressure, anyway.

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Issues around popularity and jealously flare up on February 7. February 8th's New Moon in Aquarius creates a cool vibe in your social life, inspiring you to meet new people, engage with your community, and work your connections. New Moons bring new beginnings, and Aquarius is the sign of innovation, so I expect your environment will begin working much better for you soon.

Aries, February 2016

This is a great New Moon to do some vision boarding under, or create a list of goals. This is also a lovely New Moon to make up with a friend under— you're quick to dump people who suck, Aries, but you do believe in everyone and are always willing to forgive and forget. More good vibes will flow in your work life, and you'll find yourself slaying your to-do list like a warrior on February 10 when Venus trines Jupiter. Today's vibe is cooperative and optimistic, and you might actually enjoy doing your chores today.

You could find some good fortune on your way to toss out the trash or visit the post office. The workflow keeps its groove on February 13, when Mars sextiles Jupiter, but this time the focus will especially be on you tackling chores that you've been putting off for too long, handling issues with debts and taxes, and managing the other annoying things we all have to handle. February 13 will also show you if the people you're intimate with can really be there for you during everyday, mundane tasks.

Aries Horoscope February - Love and Career Predictions | Allure

If they can love you in your lingerie, can they love you as you scrub the dishes, scoop cat poop, and bitch while being put on hold? Mercury enters logical Air sign Aquarius on Mercury, so you'll be thinking about things in a super clear and detached way. Venus also enters Aquarius on February 16, inspiring you to approach your relationships with a cool head. Both of these planets are activating the part of your chart that rules friendships, so expect to do lots of socializing, double or group dates, and networking.

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Although lots of stuff will be going on for you socially, it would be really smart for you to carve out alone time and focus on getting plenty of rest on February 19, when the Sun enters sensitive and dreamy Water sign Pisces. Sorry, comments are currently closed. You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

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