Since there are nine active planets, twelve active signs, including their numerous sub-divisions and twenty seven nakshatra divisions, yoga-formations are unavoidable. All the planets jointly and separately, with no exceptions, are indicators of future events and chart the course of fate. And, all good or bad yogas depend on the planets. And conversely, the good or bad results of the planets depend on the good or bad yogas caused by those planets.

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root, Yuj , meaning to join properly, to control judicially, or to integrate. This term has been used to indicate Soli-Lunar distances, planetary situations, and associations and combinations. Yogas are formed when one planet, sign, or house is related to another of the same or different kinds by way of placement, aspect or conjunction.

A yoga may be good or bad in its effect. The good yogas are called the Shubha-yogas or simply yogas and the bad yogas are called the Ashubha-yogas, avayogas or durayogas. Raja yogas indicate a high degree of power and authority while Dhana yogas indicate a greater degree of material possessions. Arishta yogas indicate difficulties in life and Daridra yogas indicate poverty. Parvarajya yogas or Sanyasa yogas give religious merits that compel a person to give up all wealth and material possessions and become a mendicant and beg for alms. These [ which?

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The so-called natural benefits and natural malefics are not always altruistic nor are they harmful for all lagnas by virtue of their bhava-lordship. There are Arishtayogabhanga yogas that cancel out the bad effects of Arishta yogas. The Moon situated at the end of Aries when it will be in Sagittarius navamsa. Yoga is nothing more than a combination of planets. In Hindu or Vedic astrology nine planets are placed in twelve signs rashis and twelve houses. There are a number of possibilities for such placement. Each of these is called a Yoga in Vedic astrology.

Of these combinations, some give either very good or very bad results. These combinations are explained by several ancient Indian Astrologers such as Parashar, Varahmihir, and Jyamini. Astrology ventures into the Unknown seeking that which can be in effort fully known because in Astrology, intuition does not play any role. According to the Hindu Astrology, all planetary combinations and their indications are based on the strength, nature, aspect, avastha status.

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They are also based on combination of planets on the qualities and the strength of the rasis and bhavas owned, occupied, and aspected by planets. All yogas are based on certain fundamental principles. These are described in all standard texts but not all texts cover the description of all known widely recognized possible planetary combinations and associations. Of course, there are instances where the texts do offer differing constitution and interpretation of one and the same named yoga.

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Yet another text tells us that the moon and Jupiter in mutual kendras will not give rise to the Gajakesari yoga if the moon occupies Scorpio or Mercury , and happens to be in the fifth house from the moon or only if the moon and Jupiter combine in Cancer or in Capricorn even if Jupiter in the latter sign is combust. His relation with mother is good. He may be able to get immovable assets. Make sure the effects of planets are not malefic. If they are, the Karak Yoga will be ineffective. The lord of the Lagna should be stronger. It is also formed when the lords of the 4th and 10th house are in their strong signs.

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Kahal Yoga in astrology is auspicious because it is capable to provide the native with success. The Kahal Yoga effects are positive. It helps to get success and the desirable material. The yoga makes the native hard working person and determined to get success. The Yoga persons are not lazy.

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He is focused. He is a highly influential person in the society and capable to leave his mark everywhere. It is auspicious because the native with the yoga leave a happy and wealthy life. In one's Janma Kundali, the Vasuman Yog is formed primarily in 2 different ways. On both conditions, there is presence of Moon. As per Vedic Astrology, the Yoga is formed when auspicious planets are situated in Upchay houses from the Moon.

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There are several Vasuman Yoga Benefits. The Upchay Houses are- 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses from Moon. The planet Moon is considered friendly. The native born in Vasuman Yoga, you may gain success in his birthplace. He feels himself confident and is capable to accomplish any task. We know that each planet in astrology has its own significance.

Basically, astrology is a code language and astrologers are those who decode the language to find out what's good or bad going to be happened with you. Kemdrum Dosha brings loneliness in your life. Moon is related to our state of mind. It is also related to emotions, joy and female figures. Under Kemdrum Dosh, there is no neighbour of Moon which indicates that the native mind is vacant and when it is vacant it thinks many useless things which can make the native restless.

Kemdrum Yoga effects are negative to one's life. The native faces struggle and poverty. He may be a moron and uneducated. He may unable to cherish his married life and get no pleasure from children. Such people stay away from home.

The Yoga is said to be formed when two malefic or benefic planets surrounded or covered the lagna, moon or any other house. Kartari Yoga in astrology is considered both good and bad. This is benefic Yoga which is formed when naturally benefic planets are in 2nd House and 12th House from a particular house. The natural benefic planets are Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and waxing Moon. When these planets surround any particular house or planet, they trigger positive things in one's life.

Even a malefic planet are positioned in that house, the malefic effects are not so powerful. This Yoga is not considered good.

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It is formed when naturally malefic planets Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars get 2nd and 12th house. The Yoga gets stronger if the malefic planet is associated with the Lagna. You will have to find out whether the Kartari Yoga in your kundali is malefic or positive. If it is malefic, with the help of Puja and yantra, its ill-effects are reduced. What is a Yoga in astrology? It is a special disposition of a planet or planets as per the Vedic chart which is capable to influence the life of a person.

There are hundreds of Yoga in the Vedic astrology and each one has been formed due to special positions of Moon, Lagna and other planets. Astrology divides yoga into several parts. Every person who is born in this world has a specific Yoga said to be formed. Khadga Yoga in astrology is formed when the 9th lord occupies the 2 House and Lagna lord occupies a Kendra or a Trikona House.